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  • I have been with McKenzie Dental for many years and I have always been very happy with my treatments and the staff. My teeth had been deteriorating for many years due to an improper bite. I had treatments to help me along the way, including tensing, splints and crowns. None of these treatments were correcting the problem, though, and Dr. Park told me for years that I needed full mouth reconstruction. This would not only correct my bite but also save my teeth. My teeth were becoming more and more painful, I was having major joint issues with my jaw, and aesthetically, my teeth were very embarrassing. They were soon to be at the point where they could not be saved. I was actually ready to have them all extracted and get implants but Dr. Park convinced me to go ahead with full mouth reconstruction. Everything was explained to me, some things more than once and all of my fears and questions were addressed. I have always been terrified of having dental procedures and the idea of this whole process was extra scary for me. Dr. Park and all the staff at McKenzie Dental made sure that I was always comfortable and everybody was very sensitive to my needs. My teeth now look perfect but more than that, my bite is now correct! Dr. Park’s excitement at my progress makes me feel even more confidant that I made the right decision. He is a perfectionist and it really shows in his work. I am very pleased with the outcome and no longer feel embarrassed to smile!


  • Over the past year, I have been under the care of Dr. Park and his staff.
    To date, I have had extensive dental work done and the work is still ongoing. My bite had been realigned and crowns have been placed on the majority of my teeth.
    The latest procedure has been to have Dr. Park place two implants for a fixed bridge spanning the four front teeth. This work was accomplished at the Las Vegas Institute by Dr. Park and his assistants Meena and Shaunna.
    Dr. Park and his staff toke the time to explain all the options that he could offer to me, as well as the costs involved. He answered any and all questions that I and my husband had regarding the procedures.
    Once a treatment plan was chosen, each appointment was well planned in advance. Use of advanced technologies like TENS, Laser therapies and T-Scans made the treatment process effective.
    The detailed preparation and professionalism by Dr. Park and his staff has made the treatment process painless and as comfortable as possible and I would highly recommend McKenzie Dental to anyone who is planning dental work
    Sharon Y.


  • My experience with sedation dentistry has always been positive. I understand that people do this for various reasons but I’m happy it’s available for me. It makes almost any procedure bearable. With Dr. Park, he is very patient to ensure the sedation has taken full effect before proceeding. This is comforting. It is curious though how there is not a standard type of sedation within the dental industry. I’ve had sedation through a number of different dentists and they all seem to use something different. Some are far more effective than others.
    I would recommend sedation dentistry for anyone with any anxiety or other dental experience issues.
    Blaine R.
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